Hey there! I am Abhinav :smile: , a budding BigData Engineer with a bit of dabbling in AWS, Ansible, Python and Swift

My Moto is to eat well, sleep well, do a bit of work , learn and share alot :wink:

More Information


You wanna know what I do to earn my food and sleep?

Well I am a BigData Engineer with roots in Python, Datascience, Ansible and AWS. Certified in both MapR Converged and Hortonworks Data Platforms

My previous assignments involve :

  • Building Configuration Management and Orchestration tools in Ansible for kickstarting and maintaining 60+ Hortonworks Hadoop cluster with around 1600 individual nodes in total.
  • I have also worked assignments that demanded skills in NaturalLanguageProcessing(NLP), pySpark and backend Java Applications in earlier stages of my career.

I aim to be a datscientist and master pySpark along with anaconda, numpy and scikit, So bear with my posts about these topics.


Not here to hire me?

On personal front I work on things that automate my daily needs including feeds, comics and soaps. Your look at my contributions by following me below :information_desk_person: :point_down: :raised_hands: :clap: